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In 1703 the American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania became a part of America's oldest American Baptist organization, the Philadelphia Baptist Association. In 1972 the American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware (ABCOPAD) was formed as the successor of the Pennsylvania Baptist Convention. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Associations were separate Regions. As of October 15, 2005, the Pittsburgh Baptist Association and ABCOPAD have merged in ministry together. 



  • Total operating receipts for 2007 Approx. $1,041,475

  • Mission receipts for 2007 Approx. $2,051,075

  • Endowment Fund Approx. (restricted and unrestricted) $ 2 million

  • Common Investment Fund (owned by related organizations & churches) Approx. $ 2.5

  • Total membership Approx 48,500

  • Number of churches 322

  • Number of Associations 21



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