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Timeline of events




  • November- New interim pastor, Sue Pallo begins preaching. Church holds a kick-off concert her first Sunday




  • February- New steeple is donated to the church

  • May- Steeple is added to church- First time in 117 years

  • October 10- Sue is baptized by Rev. Mark Mahserjian-Smith in Susquehanna River, and then baptizes 2 more members

  • November 21- Service of Installation

  • New hot water service and updated plumbing and electrical service done on church by Don Sunderland



  • Began a "lending library" of audio, video and books for all to use

  • 2nd round of baptisms held at Susquehanna (3 members)

  • Church gets vinyl siding

  • Interior renovated: insulation, drywall, paint, new wood trim, and new flooring

  • Sanctuary changes: Electrical upgrades in the walls, floor-to-ceiling drywall and paint, ceiling gets dry wall and painted, new carpeting, and new oak trim around doors and windows along with a new entry door to the back library room



  • New oil furnace

  • New cinder block flue

  • New coatrack for foyer

  • Reupholstered all the pews

  • New directional signs for the church




  • Repair and sealing of church parking lot

  • Work day held for cleanup and landscaping which included fresh door paint

  • Basement area cleaned and repainted to be utilized as a Sunday School classroom.

  • Pastor Sue baptized 13 people in the Susquehanna River



  • Participated in a tent revival at God's Clear View Ministry

  • Created "Fishers of Men" Float, participated in Osceola Mills 4th of July parade 

  • Created a church Facebook page and website

  • Pastor Sue baptized 22 people and welcomed 16 new members

  • Upgraded electrical system, new entry doors installed

  • Memorial Stone Cross Garden was crafted


  • Pastor Sue begins "Coffee with the Pastor", a pre-worship time of fellowship (with coffee and refreshments)

  • Carolyn Smeal begins teaching Junior Bible Club

  • Participated in Salvation Army's "Treasures for Children" Christmas gift program (helping 6 children)

  • Surprised 3 local families in need with Christmas gifts and grocery gift cards (16 parents and children)

  • Secured two picnic tables for lawn, and established a building fund for future addition to the fellowship room.


  • Pastor Sue left employment at Bucknell University to pursue full time ministry at Forest Baptist Church

  • Pastor Sue began leading a mid-week small group study and began participating in the West Branch Ministerium monthly

  • Pastor Sue baptized 5 people in the Susquehanna River and added 6 new members

  • Purchased new hymnals for church








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